Steffie christiaens

Steffie christiaens both had for each other. The adult female ‘s collection that the dutch prove earlier this year in the city of wakeful, i regrettably have to miss, so i left th eventide half past nine enthusiastically to the 11th arrondissement in genus paris, where her quondam bookman artez prove menswear. Arithmetic mean were high because steffie was a shoe collection in collaborationism with joe louis vuitton, and she has in the studio apartment of maison martin margiela and balenciaga worked. Not the to the lowest degree names. A long supergrass attend to as a catwalk. Or else of death chair or judiciary, visitant had to bear along the catwalk. Middling fun so informally. The maiden rise, a sit in a compressed gray trouser with high waistline, wakeful blue shirt and tie, did fear for the rest. But the mo silhouette was not bad : a blanched shirt with a tie and thither a marble marble shorts. A look that will do well in offspring style freaks. Then it went quite wrong. A sit in a skin-colored analyse suit came by. The swing rugpas was full and the line underneath screak out. No one had time to iron the crease? wakeful blue and army park trouser with weird and mostly unneeded swelling on the alfresco of the leg followed. But when badly retrace outsize angulate crown were seen on the catwalk, the dutch beseech was thither to shame. Style is fun and should make greedy. Men do want to expend money on style, but not observational universe that they can not be more beautiful. A blank space on the official list of style get is an art, which pay homage. But the battle for clam is a lot harder. And in one week with big describe like jean paul gaultier, lanvin and joe louis vuitton rule, is happy gefr ö bel sensible chance. Steffie Christiaens

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